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Flow velocity required to cool flat plate

A hot steel plate of length 1m and width .5m at 629k is cooled in an airstream of 298k. Find the velocity of the airstream required to remove 1kw of heat from each side of the plate.

I don't even have a clue what to do here. In our one example, we weren't seeking velocity, and our instructions were clear.
1. Find Rex
2. fx from Rex
3. Stx from fx and Pr
4. avgSt from Stx
5. avg Nu from avg St
6. avg h from avg Nu
7. q_y=h*A(delta T)

I guess you could say my attempt is to work it backwards. I have a chart provided that has info at a given T: rho, C_p, k, alpha, visco, kinematic visco - v, Pr, g*b/v^2 (from grashof). This is all i have to work it. Not sure where to go. As I said, I was working it backwards from steps above, 7-1, but hit a road block between 6 and 5. not even sure how well 6 worked out. Please help with anything you can. I'm not sure if I'm going in the right direction, and if so, where/how to go next. I messed up my schedule, and I thought this was due thursday, and my intention was to meet with my professor tomorrow. I found out late yesterday, that it was due today, and he was nice enough to let me email it to him before midnight, 3 hours and counting, but now I can't get the help I need. Thanks in advance.
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