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Thermodynamics Problem Help Please?

If anyone could help that would be super appreciated!

A gas engine operating on an ideal Stirling Cycle using solar energy is proposed as a small electrical generator. The physical configuration has a minimum pressure of 14 psia, an upper volume of 60 in^3, and a lower volume of 25 in^3. When the engine operates between 500R and 1200R, determine the work produced per cycle, the heat added per cycle, and the thermal efficiency.

I've got started and so far I have the following:

efficiency= 1-(T_L/T_H)=1-(500/1200)=58.3%





Q_rej=P_1*V_1*ln(V2/V1)=14psi*60in^3*ln(60/25)=61.3 lbf*ft

Q_add=Q_rej*(T_H/T_L)=147 lbf*ft

Work=Q_add+Q_rej=208.3 lbf*ft

If anyone could look this over and let me know it would be super appreciated!!! Thanks ahead of time.
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