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Right now I solve all problems
I only need find good place ( inside not outside)

1 km = 100mm
10 m = 1mm

below I explain new tool build and I give You first test picture

( last lens is perfect very precision feell laser position )

All work automatic without tuch

( camera has program make picture every 30 min )

red laser can work few day before 4 duracel lost power

first test picture

I can set by last lens any shape ( line - C letter - triangle only change
lens angle or laser position )

camera is set 6s / iso 200 / f 8 able see 0,1 mm

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Real gravitation radius

I think that we learn in school only about R1 = 150 mln km
I think we schould learn about R2 distance not R1

I think that this is the main reson why my photocamera saw lower brightness West East picture


( I have qestion can You open and save above pdf - I use goodle drive
but I'm not sure can you open - click file ? and dawnload ? )

Br Marosz Polish Tesla 2
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Physics Team
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If we assume that the force of gravity is caried by gravitons (much as light is carried by photons) then the gravitons from the sun that are effecting the earth as this very second were generated about 8 minutes ago, and during those 8 minutes the earth moved either closer otr further away from the sun by some distance. However, the force of gravity that the earth feels from the sun right now is dependent on the distance that the earth is from the sun right now. The fact that the earth was closer to the sun or further away 8 minutes ago has no bearing on the force felt now. So the old equation where force we feel is inversely proportional to the distance squared at this second is still correct.

All of your hypotheses seem to be built upon an assumption that for someone in a rocket traveling at velocity v the speed of light that the person would measure is not c. In other words your opinion is that c is constant only if measured by somone who is "stationary," and that for someone moving at velocity v they would measure a different speed of light. But this is not true. The remarkable fact that Michaelson-Morley demonstrated is that the speed of light as they measured it was the same in all directions even though they were situated on the earth traveling at hundreds of KM/Hr through the cosmos. Consequently when you are moving at speed v it has no effect on the velocity of light that you would measure - you will always find that the speed of light relative to you is c. That is why the apparartus that you describe to determine one's velocity based on the speed of light that you measure won't work.

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Dear Chip below
I explain real experiment in LIGO interferometer 4 km long arm

right now I asking
LIGO to help

A ) if light will hit target we can measure many new relation ( light and
gravitation - it is also very good )

B) if we will have "X" distance it mean revolution
- then my brightness test also work
( pipe change position )




I ALREADY FIGHT ( I truly belive that B is true )

I never lost


690 091 398
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