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Bring a laser beam to the center of a telescope, undependent of initial angle

Sry for the confusing title, I don't know a better one for my Problem

Ok, i struggle with the following:
I have a laser beam that gets reflected with an AOD (to different angles), then moves through a beam expander and a collimator and hits a telescope, that focuses the beam to a small waist (on different spots, because of the different angles). The size of the beam before the telescope is fixed (as big as possible), also the telescope itself.

Is there any possibility that the laser always enters the telescope in the center independent of the reflection angle at the AOD? At the moment the Beam travels out of the telescope for bigger reflection angles, what is not sufficient.

What I have found so far is that in principle this would be possible with a paralell glasblock. A beam traveling through a paralell glasblock gets a radial offset, but has the same angle after it. The offset depends on the incident angle, a bigger angle gains a bigger (negative) offset, and therefore would compensate the radial displacement depending on the reflection angle (at least a little bit). In fact I would need a way too long glasblock, and therefore this is not possible.

What I think won't work is to do it with (spherical) lenses, since the beam would get smaller, when ever I use lenses to focus the beam to the telescope.

Has anybody an other idea? Or is the only way to solve this to buy a bigger telescope?
Would be great if anybody give me a hint

Thanks so far!
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