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Work and energy

A refrigerator is lifted upward onto a truck that is 1.5 m above the ground.
Another refrigerator is pushed up a ramp onto the truck. The ramp is 5 m long.

The amount of work done on both of the fridges is the same: 1800J.

What are the forces that must be exerted on each of the fridges?

For the one that is lifted straight up, I did F=W/d = 1800/1.5

So F= 1200 N. Is this correct?

How do you do the ramp one?

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Here is the answer

For the wramp one,

W.D. = Force required to push refrigarator on wramp X distance on wramp

1800 = F X 5

F = 1800/5

F = 360 N
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energy, work

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