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Rotational Motion

1. The outer edge of a tire with radius of 45 cm has a velocity of 23 m/s. WHat is the anglar velocity of the tire?

2. A steering wheel is rotated through 128 degrees. Its radius is 22 cm. How far would a point on the steering wheel's edge move?

3. A car wheel with 9.00 cm radius rotates at 2.50 rad/s. How fast does a point 7.00 cm from the center travel?

4. A washing machine's cycles are 326 rev/min and 542 rev/min. The diameter of the drum is 0.43 m. (a) what is the ration of the cntripetal accelerations for the fast and slow spin cycles? (b) what is the ratio of linera velocity of an object on the surface of the frum for the fast and slow spin cycles? (c) find the centripetal acceleration in terms of g.

5. A centrifuge is designed to produce a centripetla acc of 0.35 x 10^6 g at a distance of 2.50 cm from the axis. What ngular velocity in rev/min is required?

Thanks much
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1. use the formula w=v/r. so, angular velocity=23/0.45= 51.1 rad/s. (where w is angular velocity)
2. 128/360 x 2 x pi x 22, using the formula for circumference of a circle.
3. again use w=v/r, v=w x r=2.5 x 0.07= 0.175m/s
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