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Lightbulb How Can Be Described the Formula of the Retrodynamic Effect?

*Wordpress Blog State of the Art Novel InFlow Gearturbine Imploturbocompressor

Retrodynamic Dextrogiro vs Levogiro Phenomenon Effect. / Rotor-RPM VS InFlow / front to front; "Collision-Interaction Type" - inflow vs blades-gear-move. Technical unique dynamic innovative motion mode. [Retrodynamic Reaction = When the inflow have more velocity the rotor have more RPM Acceleration, with high (XY Position) Momentum] Which the internal flow (and rotor) duplicate its speed, when activated being in a rotor (and inflow) with [inverse] opposite Turns. The Reaction at front of the action. A very strong Novel torque power concept.

"Changing rotation inside a mass makes it possible to change its inertial properties. It is the equation for a jet motion without rejection of any mass. Albert Einstein.

The logic of creation of an inertial propulsion system is thus: Any motion is rotation ---- Rotation of a matter generates a space-time Torsion ---Torsion of space - time is described by Ricci torsion --- Ricci torsion is an inertial field-----the rest mass of any object is determined by its inertial field---- operating by fields and forces of inertia inside of mass we can create inertial propulsion system which moves according to the equation [m (t) dv/dt =-vdm/dt].

Newton's Third Law of Motion: III. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
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How Can Be Described the Formula of the Retrodynamic Effect?-gearturbine-retrodynamic-effect-draw.jpg   How Can Be Described the Formula of the Retrodynamic Effect?-gearturbine-retrodynamic-inside-rotor-view.jpg  
*State of the Art Novel InFlowTech Project Development: 1-Gearturbine - RotaryTurbo Retrodynamic = Dextro RPM VS Levo InFlow + Ying Yang Way Power Type-Non Waste Looses, Similar Aeolipile System 10-70 AD, Pat197187IMPI MX Dic1991, / 2-Imploturbocompressor - Imploducted One MovingPart System Excellent Design and One Compression Step to, Similar to Hurricane Satellite View, Same Implo inflow Way, from Macro to Micro.
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May I be the first to say... Huh?!

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Never post a quote without stating it's source. Where did that Einstein quote come from?
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