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Fluid flow between tanks

Water flows at 300K from TANK-1 to TANK-2 through a .1m diameter pipe, with total length 150m and relative roughness epsilon/D=.001. The tanks are large enough so the level remains constant, and the difference between them is 15m (height). Assume atmospheric pressure. The pipe contains 2 90* standard radius elbows (Le/D=31) and a gate valve closed 25% (Le/D=40). Find flow rate from TANK-1 to TANK-2 using energy balance approach.

So I have:
(P2-P1)/(997kg*m^-3) + v2^2/2b2 - v1^2/2b1 + 9.8m*s^-2(-15m)+E_f=0
*both pressures are ATM so p2=p1, therefor 0
*no change in tank levels, v2=v1, again 0
*change in potential energy is 147.15 m^2*s^-2
I have viscosity given as 8.57E(-4)Pa*s, but no velocities, or flow rate, in fact, I'm looking for flow rate. I feel like maybe I need to manually iterate to find velocity, though I've never done this. I did something similar once before, I can't recall all the details though. I believe in that case I had a velocity and was looking for friction factor, f, but had to "guess" a Reynolds number and work towards convergence, it wasn't pretty (for me). But can I do this again for velocity, or should I even go that route. I don't know where to go next, and as soon as my kids get home from school, my chance at finishing this for tomorrow is gone. :'-(
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