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head loss

what does the gamma in the formula mean ? since the other terms in the formula are the same , i can just cancel it, leaving μ / γ = v /g . So , γ has unit of kg(m^-2)(s^-2) ?
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I don't recognize these terms,
however I think that the v term is the Greek letter nu which is commonly used for viscosity.
viscosity has the units meters squared per second
if g is the acceleration due to gravity (meters per second squared)
then v/g has units of meter seconds
Note that if D and L are lengths and V is velocity this makes hf dimensionless.
I am guessing that hf is the coefficient of friction, in which case it is proper that it be dimensionless.
You say you don't know what gamma is, does this mean you know what mu is?
If you tell me what mu is I might be able to work out what gamma must be.

Note that in the above I am having to use the word "if" in almost every sentence.
Please don't assume that the equations as you find them will always be expressed in precisely the same way all the time and that therefore anyone will always recognize them.
There are commonly used conventions, but these are not invariably adhered to.
Thus please define all terms you do recognize so that we don't have to guess.
You have GOT to Laugh !

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head, loss

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