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Fluid flow across a cylinder kept an angle with vertical


I need some help with a problem in fluid mechanics. Consider a situation where a cylinder ( of a given radius and length) is kept at an angle theta to the vertical, and a fluid flows across this cylinder. I need to determine the forces and moments acting on this cylinder, for different values of the angle and the flow velocity. I wanted to know if any research has been done in this regard. I tried to find research papers, but couldn't find any paper that would help be get the values of the drag and lift forces as a function of the angle and the flow velocity. I'm not an expert at fluid mechanics, so I think I'm not searching at the right place or with the right keywords, and surely there must be some research done on this and subsequently papers which could give me the value of these forces. As of now, even if I don't get the moment values but only the variation of the drag and lift forces, even that will do.

Would be really glad if someone could help. Thanks

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Google 'angle of attack in airfoil theory'

Then come back here to discuss any questions that will raise.
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I Googled "flow around a cylinder" and then chose "flow around a cylinder reynolds number" and found:

However you have the cylinder at an angle so perhaps flow around an ellipse is more pertinent:

Most theoretical treatises will consider flow around an "infinite" cylinder (which boils down to a 2 Dimensional solution) however you also have to include the ends...

So I realise this won't fully answer your problem, but it might give you a starting point.
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